Vectors Institute

Vectors Institute is a social enterprise and offers entry-level, medium level and executive-level professional development certified training programs for the nonprofit sector.

The certificate programs' curriculum and the courses are being developed under the supervision of university professors and nonprofit sector leaders with field experience.

The nonprofit sector is the biggest labour market in Canada and because of the high turnover rates, there is always a need for skilled people. Our objective is to train individuals and help them find jobs in partnering nonprofit organizations. We will also assist existing nonprofit employees with career development.


Empowering Nonprofits for Positive Change
Our mission is to empower governments, nonprofits and businesses by providing comprehensive and impactful training solutions that enhance the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of their staff. We are committed to equipping professionals with the tools they need to drive positive change, create sustainable impact, and strengthen their communities.


Catalyzing Transformative Organizations
Our vision is to be the premier institution that transforms organizations into highly effective agents of change. We envision a future where staff members are well-trained, innovative, and empowered to address pressing social challenges. Through our training programs, we aspire to catalyze a ripple effect of positive transformation, fostering a world where organizations play a pivotal role in creating a better, more just, and inclusive society.