Decision Making - GOV 3100

Decision Making - GOV 3100 

Decision making can be simply defined as the action of selecting a right and effective course of action from different alternatives for the purpose of achieving a desired result which is the essence of management. The entire business process is based on decisions and decisions are needed for both coming over obstacles as well as maximizing the benefits and opportunities available. With correct decisions you too can reduce complexities, and uncertainties in a complex business environment. Decisions making skills are typically broken into four main types which are problem-solving, collaboration, emotional intelligence and logical reasoning and mastering these four components is key for long term sucess as they bring clarity, direction and confidence into the team. Since some decisions are more complicated or critical than others and require a disciplined process, this course is curated carefully according to that. Some key topics you will elaborate on include; defining the problems correctly, understanding time limitations, assessing urgency, gathering essential information, collaboration, and sticking to your strategic plan.  

Some key skills you will gain include: 

-Identifying how to make better decisions through critical thinking and creative problem solving. 

-Developing and building your emotional intelligence. 

-Being open and adaptive to new ways of listening, leading, responding and innovating. 

-Discovering ways to move beyond familiar ways of thinking and seeing the world. 

-Creating solutions and analyzing likely risks. 

-Apply appropriate and proper problem-solving and decision-making processes to your plan.







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