Contract Management - MNG 2210

Contract Management - MNG 2210 

Contracts are the foundations of most businesses both in the private and public sector. Yet most people sign them without really knowing what they mean or having an understanding of what elements the contract must have to be considered a proper and valid contract which is crucial. Did you know that up to 9% of topline revenue is lost due to this? With profit being one of the main factors that keep business going, being efficient has been considered as one of the most important skills for a worker to obtain. In relation, contract management allows you to streamline and automate your approach to managing existing contracts and create new ones efficiently. It helps to control costs, oversee payments, and revenue, improve productivity and reduce errors while maximizing profit while also providing a foundation to your business.  

In this course you will learn how to develop contract management strategy  for your organization and business, navigate the phases of the management cycle, implement new approaches,  identify the value of the data, become efficient at managing contact transitions, manage revenue, how to upskill your personnel to maximize the profit.  

Some of the key topics you will cover include:  

-Value and ways contract management 

-Contract management strategies 

-Stakeholder relationship management skills 

-Basics of contract administration  

-Mining and analyzing contract data 

-Key indicators of performance  

-Pre and post contract activity  

-Understanding of contract law 

-Contract procurement







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