Project Management - MNG 2200

Project Management - MNG 2200 

In the era of consumption, customers play a detrimental role in how successful your product becomes. They determine everything from the lifespan of the product to how much profit it will bring you and project management is what helps you to keep on top of all of that. It essentially describes the process of its inception up until the after-effects of the initial product launch. It commonly consist of product development and product marketing for increasing profit. Product lifecycle is the foundation of project management consisting of four stages called; introduction, growth, maturity and decline which you will be elaborating in this course on project management.  

In project management- MNG 2200 , you will learn practical ways to use project management skills, whether your project is on an organizational level or small. Since every project relies on the people who manage and deliver it, the course also enables you to explore how you can effectively communicate, manage people and show leadership skills to successfully implement your own project for better outcomes. 

Some of the main topics you will learn include: 

-Important communication skills to help you manage a project  

-The complexity of today’s project due to human psychology  

-Initiating, defining, and organizing a successful project 

-Assessing, prioritizing and managing a project 

-An understanding on why todays projects are complex 

-Participating in this course will successfully ensure that you gain the skillset on how to reduce your project and organizational risk in the future for your nonprofit for better efficiency through mastering project management.







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