Social Media Marketing - COM 2210

Social Media Marketing - COM 2210 

Living in a media dominated world, the importance of social media only keeps on growing bigger with also a growing number of users each year. It has emerged as a critical marketing channel for all brands. It’s where customers search for purchase inspiration, consume new and novel content, and engage in conversations Since social media networks are open tp all, it gives businesses a chance to increase organic exposure and recognition, improve brand loyalty and provides customer feedback while also allowing potential customers. Our course, Social Media Marketing - COM 2210 teaches you how to design and implement successful social media campaigns. You will learn to understand your customers and build a tailored social media strategy while evaluating and choosing your platforms, fenining your content strategy, and leveraging paid and organic channels to promote a brand and build your community. Through this, you will develop the knowledge and applied skills to succeed in a wide range of marketing and business roles.  

Some keys skills and topics you will be focusing on include: 

-Analyzing customer needs and wants. 

-Building customer relationships. 

-Understanding the competition. 

-Communicating ideas. 

-Developing and executing a strategic marketing plan. 

-How to create a social media strategy through defining your audience and setting strategic goals. 

-How to choose the right social media channels and ecosystems for ultimate success. 

-Building and maintaining a community while providing a social first customer service to build an efficient way to interact with customers. 

-Analyzing big data in social network to measure social media activity. 

 -Marketing on social media through partnerships and direct and assisted sales.







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