Strategic Planning and Implementation - MNG 2310

Strategic Planning and Implementation - MNG 2310 

In today’s data driven world filled with imperfect information, strategy is about finding what works rather than achieving perfection which can essentially only be found with experimentation. In relation, this makes it extremely important for businesses and organizations to come up with a carefully executed plan to meet their goals in both the long and short term. It is the essential roadmap to align the organization’s functional activities. Through strategic planning you too can have a clearer sense of direction, benefit from increased operational efficiency, and a more durable business.  

This course will help you to create objectives and goals to guide strategy implementation, identify your organization’s structure that fit particular strategies, and teach you how to communicate the strategy until the organization fully understands it, and detect  and mitigate risks to implementation. You will also get special tips from professionals who work in the nonprofit sector.  

Some of the key topics you will learn include the framework of strategic workforce planning, using multiple implementation approaches, demonstrating ideas for measuring sucess, clarifying the connection to other HR functions, which will help you gain important skills in strategic analysis and implementation, strategy formulation, business strategy, management and critical thinking. 

You will elaborate  in the following key elements of strategic planning: 



-SWOT analysis 

-Core values 



-Action plans







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