Cross-cultural Management - GOV 3310

Cross-cultural Management - GOV 3310 

Communication is much more than the words you say and has many factors and components. Globalization and advancing technology have made cross-cultural business more common and increasingly important, making cultural communication much more than the language you speak. When you are not knowledgeable of the differences in how different cultures socially interact in work environments , give and receive feedback, and engage in and resolve conflict, the barrier to communicate and come to an agreement can feel impossible. In Cross-cultural Management - GOV 3310, you will learn about the cultural dimensions involved in managing a diverse work setting, communicating with foreign business professionals effectively , and successfully gaining control in your biases. In short, you'll learn about respect which is a vital foundation in any organization regardless of their size . Some of the key topics you will elaborate on include; critical thinking, organizational behavior and leadership, and human resource management.  

Some skills you will gain include:  

-Defining and executing intercultural communication.  

-Successfully preparing for an international assignment.  

-Describing effective strategies for working abroad while anticipating and controlling cultural shock in a workplace. 

-Being in control of personal bias so that you understand why you think the way you do, which will lead to more effective interactions with people from other countries.

-Employing appropriate and effective communication styles, given specific cultural contexts; having a wider awareness of the economic, social, environmental and ethical issues related to globalization and westernization and improve your skills to deal with socio-cultural phenomenons and ethical complications.







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