Problem Solving - GOV 2110

Problem Solving - GOV 2110 

In today's complex and diverse business environment, organizations identify critical thinking and problem solving skills to be crucial to an employee’s and their organization’s success. The most successful professionals in any field can assess their environment, analyze a problem, carefully create a solution and swiftly solve the problem.  You too can improve your problem solving skills by focusing on its main components which are critical thinking, strategic thinking, solving business problems, eliminating your biases, and decision making strategies while being time efficient. However, just having the skills of problem solving and making good decisions is not enough for being efficiency. Today, most business demand skills such as creative thinking and expect their workers to bring it to the table during the problem solving process. This course is curated to help you gain confidence in assessing problems accurately, evaluating alternative solutions, and anticipating likely risks. Some key topics you will be elaborating on include; problem solving, creative thinking, and decision making.  

Some skills you will gain include:  

-Being able to choose and apply appropriate problem strategies to real life problems.  

-Being experienced enough to identify common obstacles to effective problem solving and decision making in a business setting. 

-Eliminating your personal bias and avoiding delusional perspective taking. 

-Excelling in the use of analysis, synthesis, and positive inquiry to address individual and organizations problems.  

-Adopting a more creative approach to problem solving. 

-Ensuring that your approaches align with the current business system. 

-Being able to enhance your abilities to minimize uncertainty and risk.







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