Grant Writing - FIN 1310

Grant Writing - FIN 1310 

In the nonprofit world, grant writing is one of the most important aspects of fundraising. Effective grant-writing is an increasingly important skill in the municipal, not-for-profit, and even corporate world. For small organizations and communities, however, grant writing can present a real challenge in terms of time, completion, budgeting and submission since it is a very complex process. This course is designed for beginner grant proposal writers, as well as those with varied experiences in the grant writing process. You will gain practical knowledge and advice about grant seeking and writing, including sector overviews, funding organizations, the importance of research, and the process for writing the application. You will also become aware of the reporting requirements and financial accountability once you have received funding. 

Some skills you will acquire in Grant Writing - FIN 1310 include; 

-Writing a proposal 

-Working to help nonprofit leaders strategically position their organizations to succeed. 

-Combining your technical writing skills with the ability to understand guidelines, communicate clearly and persuasively with your audience 

-Gaining a deeper understanding of nonprofit management and programming







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