Workplace Ethics - GOV 3200

Workplace Ethics - GOV 3200 

With human interactions being more complex than ever, organizations that are perceive to act ethically by employees can benefit from improved business outcomes. It is crucial to understand that ethical behavior in the workplace can promote positive employee behaviors that lead to organizational growth, just as unethical behavior in the workplace can have the exact opposite effect. The ongoing practice of ethical behavior can increase employee performance, on satisfaction, trust and loyalty. Workplace Ethics - GOV 3200 is carefully curated to educate students on essential business ethics topics including obeying the law, rules, and regulations, corporate relationship, company resources and work environment. Covering these topics helps to bring and keep employers and employees in harmony and maximize the outcomes. Some key topics you will be covering include; bribery and corruption, retaliation, reporting procedures, privacy and confidentiality and harassment and discrimination in a diverse workplace 

The skill you will gain are the following: 

-Gaining awareness in common ethical issues applicable to your organization's activities. 

-Creating a deep culture of ethical behavior and work ethics. 

-Analyzing social responsibility factors that influence business ethics. 

-Understanding the causes of ethical dilemmas. 

-Gaining an ethical intelligence.  

-Understanding corporate social responsibility.  

-Being able to promote a culture of trust, integrity, fairness, excellence and compliance. 

-Using workplace ethics to maximize profits, performance and productivity. 

-Enhancing workplace quality and safety.  

-Building a stronger team that is ready to work with people from different backgrounds.







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