Policy Development - GOV 2100

Policy Development - GOV 2100 

   All companies develop policies in order to increase operational efficiency   and productivity  with better business policy management. Business policies are a very important tool to ensure that the business operates at maximin efficiency for the best outcomes. Through a combination of theory, discussions and practical tasks, the learners  review and practice key elements of the policy development cycle which consists of analyzing problems and developing workable policies. This course examines how to identify current emerging issues, gather relevant information, analyze it critically with the consideration of the current phenomenon, identify potential policy solutions. And formulate advice and recommendations.  

Some of the key skills you will gain in Policy Development - GOV 2100 include: 

-How to identify policy issues and assess the need for executive response 

-How to develop policy options for responding 

-How to assess and cost the Options 

-How to test and refine the options 

-How to choose the best option and finalize its development 

-How to present the selected option, convince and communicate 

-How to ensure implementation, monitor and evaluate results







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