Strategic Marketing and Branding - COM 3200

Strategic Marketing and Branding - COM 3200 

           Living in a globalized world where economic efficiency is key, strategic marketing can help a company to use minimum resources while achieving maximum output which allows them to generate profit and get ahead of the competition. Keeping this in mind, every successful organization requires an original marketing and branding strategy to deliver growth in this competitive and ever changing environment which requires constant adaption and uniqueness.   

           This course has been carefully curated for professionals and business owners along with entrepreneurs who are looking to develop their skillset in marketing and branding. It will help you to gain in demand skills to become more successful at your career in the marketing analysis field. Cover the concepts and tools that you need to develop a marketing strategy and build a branding for your business or service which will help you to understand the consumers and the latest market research techniques along with how to accurately segment and advertise your product to achieve your desired results.  

           In this course you will explore marketing essentials, customer relationship management, digital marketing strategies and data driven analytics, product management fundamentals, strategic branding management, and buyer and behavior analysis along with how to use culture and geography for your benefit, how to build a brand and measure its health. You will also develop the following aspects of yourself: 

-Head, by gaining a deeper understanding of the evolving practice of brand management and marketing, one that goes further than practiced in most organizations today. 

-Heart, by being motivated to engage in delivering your own brands and marketing strategies regardless of your place in the organization, thereby creating an irreplaceable experience for your customers and your organization. 

-Hands, by translating what you learnt into action which is the most important step for success.







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