Organizational Communication for Managers - COM 2100

Organizational Communication for Managers - COM 2100 

Human beings are complex, so the communications within them. To communicate in an increasingly complex business environment, both workers and managers need advanced skills that prepare them to communicate sucesfully within their organizations, as well as with clients, stakeholders and other partner organizations from a variety backgrounds and cultures.  This course provides most up to date approaches to communicate and motivate employees while covering interpersonal relationships, team productivity and customer service to help you maximize your leadership skills in the work place to achieve better outcomes. In  

Organizational Communication for Managers - COM 2100  you will gain the skills to help you tackle complex communication tasks that managers and professionals face. Learn how to be a flexible, and loyal communicator who can move with ease across media; have e deep understanding for different audiences and backgrounds; and employ strategies for speaking, listening and action-taking. Key topics you will cover include; communication ethics in different cultures, public speaking, theoratical models, nonverbal communication, and barriers to communication . 

Some key skills you will gain include;  

-Understanding the complex structure of organizational communication, especially in an increasingly globalized business environment. 

-Developing audience empathy and awareness on your personal bias to exceed at communicating respectfully with audiences of different characteristics and social groups. 

-Managing unethical behavior. 

-Professionally managing and resolve conflicts in the workplace.  

-Analyzing the needs of different groups and choose the most effective ways of communication to meet those needs. 

-Holding meetings: in person, by both phone and online. 

-Exploring new approaches and strategies to build effective communication strategies in a diverse organization.








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