Fund Development and Funding Diversification - FIN 3100

Fund Development and Funding Diversification - FIN 3100 

It is an undeniable fact that the world is uncertain and like anything else, if you generate all of your revenue from a single source, your risk is noticeably higher than if you diversify. In funding, diversification means finding a number of revenue sources and building streams of cash flow from each one of them.  

This online course will help you understand the current funding situation of your nonprofit organization and teach you how to successfully plan for the future. You will be introduced to key tools, a template on funding strategies and diversification while helping you find different resource es of funding which are most suitable and sustainable for your organization in long term. In the end your goal should be to find long term partners. In this program, you will also develop the ability to recognize opportunities and communicate with volunteers, donors and the media. 

Some of the skills you will gain from Fund Development and Funding Diversification - FIN 3100 


  -Understanding the current operating environment in the nonprofit sector 

  -Understanding how to analyze and improve your funding 

  -Identifying the key ways for diversifying your funding 

  -Understanding the key components of a funding strategy and the steps needed to develop one







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