Nonprofit Management - MNG 2100

Nonprofit Management - MNG 2100 

Leadership in the nonprofit sector like in any other sector presents a specific set challenges and thus requires a unique and specific set of skills. Different types of training including board governance, peer learning and online courses can be key to growing your nonprofit organization and competencies among board members and volunteers to achieve maximum success. The curriculum consists of both theoretical and practical skills to build your skillset.  

This course is designed for anyone who is interested in becoming a leader in charities and other nonprofit organizations where you can expect to gain skills in organizational performance and management. As a nonprofit leader you will learn to provide a social return on investment as opposed to a financial return that these same individuals would be seeking from an investment in a business in which certain skills different will be required. After completing the course, you will be able to develop your personal leadership potential and using it to expand the impact beyond your nonprofit’s walls. 

You will grow expertise in the following aspects of nonprofit management: 

-Leadership skills for nonprofit managers 

-Financial management skills 

-Learning the art of people management in a volunteer environment  


-Government relations 


-Legal requirements and governance 

-Human resourcing 

-Importance of program knowledge  

-Community relations and communication  

-Strategic planning 







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