Public Relations - MNG 1330

Public Relations - MNG 1330 

Public relations is essentially about sending the right messages to the right place and the right people at the right time to build a stronger brand image. Public relations can make a significant impact on your brand and company because it is the ultimate gateway to increase your public perception and sentiment. With a good skillset in it, you can successfully build a regular rhythm activities and partnerships that will elevate your brand and return on investment. It increases brand sentiment, generates leads, sales and profits, builds credibility, creates a proactive playing field, enhances online presence, and connects to coveted audiences.  

In this course, students will discuss public relations issues and trends as well as international and ethical considerations involved in the practice of public relations. Students will be encouraged to think more broadly considering the globalized communication function of public relations and having their own ideas about public relations through the discussion of misunderstandings and misperceptions about the field of public relations. 

In this course, you will gain insight in the following topics and skills: 

-Media training 

-Marketing communications  

-Crisis communication  

-Social media monitoring  

-Branding foundation  

-Building your reputation  

-Identifying and prioritizing stakeholders and publics 

-Ethics, moral analysis and leadership 

-Strategic thinking relation to PR 

-Different ways of prioritizing stakeholders and demographics  

After completing it, you will have the required skills and knowledge in how public relations differ from related fields, identifying target audiences and their objectives, and understanding how mass media works while creating public relations tools for daily practice which are essential for any organization.







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