Introduction to Finance - FIN 1100

Introduction to Finance - FIN 1100 

Finance has become one of the most important aspects of business. With huge funds, daily cash flow and continuous transaction, managing and monitoring big sums of money is necessary. As a matter of fact, managing finance is one if the biggest deciding factors when it comes to making decisions. You will elaborate on the following topics; money and capital, cash flows and forecasting, financial reporting, interest and return, risk and risk management along with diversification. These skills will be useful for everyday life situations involving money management and are the foundation for future courses in the finance major program. 

 The goal here is give you a roadmap and framework for how financial professional make decisions since it is intended to be a first step for anyone who is curious about understanding stock markets, valuation, or corporate finance. 

Some of the skills you will gain from Introduction to Finance - FIN 1100 include: 

-Understanding and applying the time value of money in order to value financial and real asset investments and to make investment decisions. 

-Being able to conduct analysis using information from financial statements. 

-Using capital budgeting to build an efficient business plan 

-Being able to practice financial accounting







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