Organizational Behavior - COM 2310

Organizational Behavior - COM 2310 

Organizations have been constantly changing and adapting into our world, more than ever, making personal and organizational management is crucial for sucess. They have to manage their people well to achieve good business results and create a great workplace culture - not easy in today's fast-paced world. Managers and supervisors have multiple roles as leaders, mediators, motivators, mentors and negotiators of change. Of course, we are not machines and cannot be programmed to communicate and work a certain way. However, through mastering organizational behaviors, you can gain insights into how people communicate in a workplace. Human behavior in an organizational context is a complex phenomenon let alone itself. Thus, perfecting your understanding of your own behavior and that of teams leaders and colleagues is an important initial step to bringing success and positive change to your organization by enhancing efficiency.  


This course is designed to teach you organizational behavior in detail and help you further enhance your human management skills. You will elaborate on the teamwork, motivation, leadership, and culture to build a deeper and versatile skillset. After completing the course, you will have an understanding in the fundamentals and importance of organizational behavior. 


Some key elements you will learn include: 

-Knowledge in related areas, such as change and team management, and leadership communication. 

-Interpersonal effectiveness, conflict resolution within the organization, training, labor relations, legal issues and communication.

-The complexity of human behavior in a variety of organizations and its key components such as communication, motivation, group dynamics, leadership, power, psychology technology, and design and development. 

-Analyzing the complexity of workplace diversity and team dynamics.







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