Amit Dubey

Introducing Amit Dubey, Master Trainer at Vectors Institute

Amit Dubey, with ten years of experience in customer relationship management, sales, marketing, communication, and business development, serves as the Marketing and Communication Trainer at Vectors Institute. Vectors Institute is a social enterprise dedicated to providing certified training programs for the nonprofit sector, ranging from entry-level to executive-level positions. 

Our programs are meticulously designed under the guidance of university professors and nonprofit sector experts. In Canada's expansive nonprofit labor market, characterized by high turnover rates, Vectors Institute's mission is to equip individuals with the skills needed to secure employment in partnering nonprofit organizations. We also offer career development support to existing nonprofit professionals. 

Amit Dubey and Vectors Institute are your trusted partners in helping you excel in the nonprofit sector, where meaningful careers await. Join us and embark on a journey to professional success.

Amit Dubey
Marketing and Communication Trainer







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