Ed Bernacki

Ed Bernacki

Ed Bernacki is a highly experienced workshop and conference presenter.

He started his career working with a non-profit association and expanded his focus to management, innovation and creativity content creation and presentations internationally. After moving to New Zealand for an MBA, he joined New Zealand Post when he worked on various learning guides for staff and managers to help them understand improvement and effectiveness. He then combined with a local organization to provide various marketing and communication workshops for non-profit organizations.  This led to an expertise in content development and presentations for public sector and non-profit innovation.

After several years in Australia, he returned to Ottawa to provide over 200 workshops on innovation for Government Departments. He worked with the Singapore Prime Minister’s Office to create an innovation guide for public servants to launch a national innovation skills learning program.  He contributed to similar guides in New Zealand and most recently created a unique Learning Journal for the Abu Dhabi Government.  He wrote several books and published over 250 articles on innovation and management topics.






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