Find a job in the exciting field of the nonprofit sector. Learn how to present your skills and successfully network to land a job in this dynamic field. Find out about the many diverse jobs and salaries available.

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10 March 2022, Thursday between 11 AM - 12 PM

Why The Nonprofit Sector? 

The nonprofit sector job market continues to grow as needs arise. Jobs can be found in  three vital areas;

1. Community nonprofits which  include  charity organizations engaged in activities such as social services, advocacy, and sports and recreation;

2. Business nonprofits include organizations such as chambers of commerce, business associations and condominium associations and

3. Government nonprofit organizations include organizations such as hospitals, universities and colleges.
In 2019, non-profit organizations (NPOs)—serving households, businesses and governments employed 2.5 million people, representing 12.8% of all jobs in Canada.

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