Sadaf Ebrahim

Sadaf Ebrahim

Sadaf Ebrahim is a proud Pakistani-Canadian and currently serving the community as President Canada-Pakistan Association (National Capital Region). Her alleviating to the present status speaks volumes of her diligent efforts and commitment to the community. Over the past few years, Sadaf has been working hard in organizing social events, managing various awareness programs, and volunteering her time to engage with people of all backgrounds with a resolve to improve the socio-economic dimension of the community. To help protect the environment from the disastrous effects of plastic, Sadaf has started a movement by the name of GREEN HELP not only to address climate change but also for social objectives like empowering the newly immigrant women by providing them part-time jobs for making cloth shopping bags, to quickly integrate into Canadian society.

Sadaf is also appointed as Pakistan Girls Education Ambassador. Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education (PAGE) is an umbrella organization working towards building an enabling environment for gender equality in education, employment, rights, and leadership. PAGE acts as a platform for stakeholders, donors, policymakers, and practitioners to come together and address the gender gap in education in Pakistan and devise solutions to overcome the broader socio-economic challenges faced by the girls.

Sadaf strives to utilize every available platform to raise awareness about various community issues and to organize fundraising campaigns. She has successfully raised funds for organizations such as the Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health, Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, Multi-Faith Housing Initiative Ottawa (MHI), Cure Women & Children (CWC) in Bangladesh who are in dire need of medical treatment, and CHEO Foundation.

In addition, Sadaf also finds time to serve as an active member of the community and attends every event and function with a view to connect with the community. In recognition of her efforts, Sadaf has been honored with the following awards:

-Appreciation Awards for raising funds for Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health
-Immigrant Entrepreneur Award by City of Ottawa in 2017
-Canada 150 Award in 2017
-2017 Miss Charity Award by M/s Multicultural Canada Beauty Pageant
-CBET Appreciation Award by Canada-Bangladesh Education Trust in 2019
-Order Of Ottawa 2021






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