Ethics in the Workplace Workshop 230216

Ethics in the Workplace Workshop

Training Overview

This course aims at offering insights into the importance of ethics in the workplace, how to deal with cultural diversity, and how to make the most of it.

Ethics will be addressed through its cultural dimension to raise your awareness about the need to respect differences, and to understand how to manage them in a professional environment to make it an asset for you and your collaborators

Why should you attend
In globalized professional environments, the need for ethics has become essential for the correct functioning of organizations of all sizes. Ethics will help you to provide a safe environment in which your collaborators will blossom for the benefit of your organization, clients, and employees.

Who should attend
Medium to high-level staff members of small, medium, and big nonprofit organizations.
Nonprofit employees who are responsible for human resources and employees’ well-being. 
Founders and board members of all nonprofit organizations and charities.
Individuals who are seeking career opportunities in the nonprofit sector.


  1. Duration: 2 hours.
  2. Certificate of participation: Yes.
  3. Assessment: No.
  4. Attendance: Mandatory.
  5. Also available in French: L’éthique au travail 230223

Training Objective

  • Acquiring general knowledge about ethics.
  • Understanding how and why ethics can be used as an asset in your organization.
  • Learning about the basic stakes associated with ethics in the workplace and how to approach them.

Program outline

  1. What is ethics?
    1. The role of ethics
    2. Main approaches to ethics
  2. Ethics and culture: what is at stake?
    1. Cultural perspectives on ethics
    2. Learning to listen
  3. Setting an ethical space in the workplace
    1. Best practices
    2. Processes
  4. Solving ethical dilemmas: the ethical deliberation process
    1. Methodology

Group discussion


Emmanuel Goffi

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