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LinkedIn growth for professionals

Training Overview
This training program was created to provide tried-and-true methodologies, hacks, and tactics for improving personal and professional brands on one of the more popular professional platforms. This course combines theory, LinkedIn Lives, and a step-by-step execution technique. Throughout this class, you'll be an expert on LinkedIn. We'll cover everything from the absolute beginnings to expert-level LinkedIn growth.

Why should you attend
• To develop a solid personal brand on LinkedIn.
• To obtain high-quality leads without investing in advertising.
• To point recruiters and prospects
• To make use of the LinkedIn platform
• To organically connect with more like-minded people

Who should attend
• Job seekers
• Managers
• Freelancers
• Coaches/consultants
• Sales professionals
• Entrepreneurs
• Students
• All those who want to develop their personal and professional brand upgrade

    1. Duration of the Certificate Program: 2 hours of training, 10 am to 12 pm (EST)
    2. Certification of Participants: Yes, after completing the quiz.
    3. Assessment: No
    4. Attendance: Yes

Training Objective
• The Beginner's Guide to LinkedIn Outreach
• Networking Skill Development
• LinkedIn Personalization Growth Hack
• Understand the professional hacks for growth on LinkedIn
• Develop the personal brand
• Generate leads from LinkedIn

Program outline
LinkedIn Profile Optimization
• LinkedIn profile funnel
• LinkedIn profile photo
• LinkedIn cover/background
• LinkedIn Headline
• LinkedIn About or Summary
• LinkedIn customized URL
• Engage leads on LinkedIn (Free free)
• How to build a personal Brand
• Engagement pods
• Connect request template
• Best time to post on LinkedIn Sales
• How to send a connection request
• Follow up msg step-by-step
• After accepting the connection request


Amit Dubey 

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