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Risk Management for Nonprofit Organizations

Training Overview

In this series of three videos, Dr. Omer Livvarcin introduces the ViStA Risk Management Framework for nonprofit organizations, which was initially developed and published as a book by our researchers, Dr. Rick Nason and Dr. Daniel O. Livvarcin. The two primary questions Dr. Livvarcin will answer in this workshop are:

1. How can nonprofit organizations manage positive and negative risks?

2. How can nonprofit leaders use risk management as a strategic tool for growth and sustainability?

Why Should You Attend

Risk management is an effective strategic tool for all nonprofit organizations. An adequately prepared risk plan and proper implementation can play a vital role in the sustainability and growth of nonprofits and charities. 

Who Should Attend

● Medium to high-level staff members of a small, medium, and big nonprofit organizations.
● Nonprofit employees who are responsible for the development and implementation of risk plans. 
● Founders and board members of all nonprofit organizations and charities.
● Individuals who are seeking career opportunities in the nonprofit sector
● Immigrants and newcomers who are trying to gain skills in the nonprofit sector

Training Objective To assist nonprofit sector professionals and career seekers in gaining risk management skills.

Program Outline

Definitions of Risk and Risk Management

What the definitions are, including alternative definitions

Why the definitions matter

Risk Frameworks

Pros and cons of risk frameworks

Traditional frameworks

Risk frameworks for non-profits

Setting Risk Objectives

Risk Governance

The role of the non-profit board in risk management

Risk objectives and strategic objectives

Risk Identification

Identifying risk

Prioritizing risk

Types of risk

Risk Culture

What is an organization’s risk culture? Why it matters

Creating a positive and effective risk culture

Exercise: Identifying Risk

Strategies for risk identification

Exercise: Risk Communication

Getting everyone on the same page

Operationalization of Risk Management (ACTIVE Model)

Exercise Assessing Risk Management

Is our risk management helping or hurting?

Group Discussion The Future of Risk Management

Strategies and tactics for implementing risk management


Duration of the Certificate Program 2 hours
Certification of Participants Yes
Assessment Yes
Attendance Mandatory

Format Online real-time workshop
Date 02 February 2023
Time 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time)


Daniel O. Livvarcin, PhD

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